ProfitFirst Assessment Coaching Call

ProfitFirst Assessment Coaching Call

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The first step in ProfitFirst is to conduct a Profit Assessment.  But what number goes where and why?  Is what I have even correct? Don’t second guess. 

ProfitFirst Assessment Coaching Call is a 2-hour call where our expert Profit Advisor will guide you, step-by-step,  to effectively create a Profit Assessment from the ProfitFirst methodology.  The Profit Assessment will allow you to compare to the benchmark results as outline in the book and answer questions along the way, so you are confident that your assessment is completed correctly or you have a clear understanding of the data you need to collect so that you can complete the process on your own. 


  • Ecommerce business owners who want an expert by their side to guide them through the ProfitFirst Assessment process. 


  • Personalized Guidance:  Gain insights on your business’s cash flow to properly complete the ProfitFirst Assessment and understand how your business compares to other businesses using the ProfitFirst Benchmark.   
  • Expert Answers:  Our Profit Advisor addresses your questions and uncertainties to ensure you are confident and clear with your completed ProfitFirst Assessment results or you understand your next steps.   
  • Call Recording: We understand the importance of revisiting valuable information. You'll receive a recording of the entire session, allowing you to go back and refresh your memory whenever needed. 
  • Exclusive Opportunities:  If you decide you need a full service ProfitFirst implementation, we are offering a 10% discount on our SmartProfit progam, regularly priced at $2400.  Or once you have your Profit Assessment and you feel confident taking the DIY route, we will give a 10% discount on the ProfitFirst for Ecommerce Sellers Online Course.   



  • Multiple Calls:  The 2-hour coaching session cannot be broken into multiple calls. 
  • Advising:  You will need to develop your own rollout plan based on the information in the book or other supporting materials available on our website.   


To ensure that we can be of service, you will have to submit one of the following prior to scheduling your call: 

  • Business Books that are completed and up to date 
  • Business Tax Return –great results as well 
  • Form completed ok ish 


If your information is incomplete we will provide you with a punchlist, so that you can gather the information prior to your call.