SmartStart!™ by bookskeep

SmartStart!™ by bookskeep

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The perfect DIY bookkeeping solution for your new ecommerce business.

*  We will set you up with a brand new QBO/Xero (subscription not included in this price) so we can start from scratch.  If you have a current QBO/Xero account, please ensure it is blank so that we are starting clean!

*  By making this purchase, you agree to complete all three one-on-one training calls within 3 months of your first call.  

*  You must complete the homework required before each call.

*  One year subscription to our monthly Online Huddle where we provide tips and Q&A time. Client may send your questions throughout the month to your SmartStart trainer, and they will be answered on the next monthly Huddle.

*  We can’t wait to start working on your business with you! Please remember that we have a select number of SmartStart openings available per month. By purchasing the program, you are guaranteeing that a spot will be held for you for 30 days.  However, since our number of monthly openings is limited, if you do not respond or fail to complete the Inventory Questionnaire within 30 days of receiving it, your spot will be forfeited and you will be placed in an opening for the next available month.

*  You will be working with one of our expert ecommerce bookkeeping trainers.  Our trainers are busy during the beginning/end of the month working with our bookkeeping clients.  So all of our SmartStart clients will be scheduled to start after the middle of the month they are scheduled in.

*Before making a purchase, we encourage you to review all program details, requirements, and system compatibility to ensure that SmartStart meets your needs. Please reach out to to answer any questions you may have about the program's features or requirements before you commit to your purchase.  
Please be advised that all purchases of the SmartStart program are final. We do not offer refunds once a purchase has been made. This policy is in place to help maintain the integrity and quality of our content and services.